There are several things that may add to male erecticle dysfunction (ED) from physiologic causes, such as some other medical disorder, to potential side effects of drugs that you are using. Even moody or individual causes may play a role. Because of these causes, erectile dysfunction may not simply disappear on its own. However for a bulk of men, erectile dysfunction may be treated, whether the ground is physiologic or mental.

A few potential physiologic factors that may cause erectile dysfunction include:
• Hypertension. Hypertension may harm blood vessels in the organism, including those in the penis as well.
• Diabetes. Diabetes may increase the hazards of experiencing erectile dysfunction. High blood glucose may harm blood vessels and nerves in the penis.
• High blood cholesterol. This disorder may harm blood vessels in the organism, including those in the penis. If this takes place, then not enough blood runs into the penis for a steady erection.
• Nerve diseases. Diseases that impact the nerves, like Parkinson’s syndrome and disseminated sclerosis, may contribute to the risks of experiencing erectile dysfunction. The penis may not get nerve messages from the brain or medulla spinalis. And without the nerve messages, blood may not run into the penis.
• Surgical operation or trauma (particularly prostate gland, vesica, or rectal operation). Surgical operation or traumas to the pelvic area may harm nerves or blood vessels directing to the penis.
• Reduced hormone degrees. Insufficient levels of man hormone (testosterone) can strike a gentleman’s power to achieve an erection. Erectile dysfunction may as well take place as a male thyroid hormone degree is too high or too low.
• Life-style components. Smoking, being fat, drinking overmuch alcoholic beverage, not being physically involved, or taking recreational medications may be the ground to erectile dysfunction. More factors and circumstances can as well increase erectile dysfunction. Male erecticle dysfunction may be a side effect of a few of drugs, including those that deal with hypertension and drugs that deal with allergic reactions). Whenever you use one of these drugs and believe it can be doing ED, do not finish using it prior to talking to your physician.

To a lesser extent, erectile dysfunction can be stimulated by emotional or individual causes, from current stress or human relationship troubles to depressive disorder or anxiousness about sexual activity.

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When you can’t get or keep an erection, it is generally because the blood flow to your penis has slow. This could be damage from an accident, genetic, age or any number of things but when you want to increase the blood flow to your penis, using Viagra is the answer that will get you there. Viagra does not last all night and day, if you are going to be having sex for more than six hours you are going to have to take a Viagra when your ‘time’ is about up, just as you would when you take aspirin for a headache.

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Can I Purchase Viagra Online?

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of places that you can purchase Viagra on the internet today. There are so many different companies selling this type of thing, that you can get away with pretty much any kind of price if you are lucky enough. Still, you need to make sure that you are focused on some of the other aspects of life, such as making sure that your Viagra is something that can be used in a way that is effective and is cost efficient. Buying Viagra on the internet is not only effective, but it is incredibly cheap to get on the internet, which will greatly improve the worth of the product.

You may think that purchasing Viagra on the internet is not something that is very great, but you need to understand that the risk associated with online purchases is going to come with a huge reward of potentially very cheap online Viagra.

The benefits of purchasing Viagra on the internet are manifold. Obviously, you do not have to worry at all about the doctors visit, the pharmacy, or any of the responsibilities you have to miss to do all of these things. For a fraction of the cost that it would otherwise be, you can get the Viagra sent directly to your door in order to greatly increase the efficiency of your purchase. You will quickly realize not only how efficient from a money perspective, but also how efficient from a time perspective.

However, there are risks associated with purchasing anything online as you probably already know. The people who are most interested in purchasing Viagra are going to find out that there are many different companies that are selling the products are not authentic or legitimate. Some of them are in the backwoods of a country that will not do anything about them. This is why you need to be careful that the products you buy are not too cheap. If they are too cheap, this will indicate that you have potentially gotten a product that is not a very good thing to have. Make sure that you are focused on getting Viagra on the internet from only the reputable dealers. You can do this by testing them out or getting feedback on certain ones in order to determine whether they are right for you and then you can buy.

Viagra Tablets and Ecstasy

The mix of taking Viagra tablets and the drug Ecstasy together is popularly known as ‘sextasy’. This mixed drug is served and is available in various clubs and assorted other entertainment places. It’s been discovered that sextasy is in generally taken by those men who are gay.

These drugs come in the shape of tablets and today people can buy them extremely simply.

The intake of this drug isn’t a new thing. It initially began in the year 2k and is still a standard practice among gay men. So , Viagra as a vital ingredient in sextasy is employed in order to provide the advantage of having erect penis whilst sexual impulse. Also, sextasy has been made of the mix of 2 words ‘ecstasy’ and ‘sex’ which obviously outlines the purpose and use of this drug. I need to know about getting viagra without going to the Doctor.

The users have shown acceptable results and are quite chuffed with their sexual life because now they don’t have to face shame or guilt when sexual impulse is felt. It’s also assumed that Viagra is employed as a main ingredient in the drug in order to minimize the Ecstasy effect and have a proper robust erection.

The term ‘sextasy’ started as a vogue in Australia and Britain but today it is noted that it’s not just used in order to follow fashion but also to satisfy one’s sexual desires. The US Drug Enforcement Administration said that this mixture drug is principally employed by men who indulge in gay activities. As ecstasy obstructs sexual activities, folks have switched over to taking sextasy so they can carry on with sexual actions whenever they feel just like. I need to buy Viagra online without prescription today. However, doctors warn men who use these drugs as this drug may cause diverse major heart issues, as well as erections which don’t last for long time duration. When artificial erection is done, it leads to anatomical damage too.

Many have also faced the issues of wounds thanks to the erection process. It is thus advisable that men should not use this drug for gratifying their sexual needs as it dangerous for their body. Other sexually broadcast sicknesses are also faced due to the intake of Ecstasy and Viagra.

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Difference Between Generic and Regular Viagra

There are many different types of prescription pills that can help you to get over your erectile dysfunction problem. The large majority of these pills are actually great for the modern man to take in order to get rid of erectile dysfunction, but some of them are more effective or efficient for the price. In the case of Viagra, generic pills are often just as effective as the bran version, but they are a fraction of the prices. Make sure you take this into consideration next time you are buying your pills. In the following article, we will focus on the difference between generic and regular Viagra in order to improve your budget.

If you are looking for something that is going to change your life without a doubt, there is only one thing that can offer this type of thing. Viagra is the best type of pill that you can get and it is the first of its kind in the entire world. There was no other type of prescription pill before the invention of Viagra, which makes it something special in the eyes of the people who take it. However, you need to remember that Viagra itself is a heavily branded company name for the pills.

The pill is actually just a chemical compound that is used in order to help the erectile dysfunction and the generic brands often use the exact same formula. This means that for the exact same price, you can get generic Viagra, which can offer a lot of help to you in the long-run. You may not think that this is something you can do at all times, but generic Viagra will greatly improve the life that you currently lead and allow you to be much more flexible.

The difference between Viagra and the generic brand is only the money that is spent making the products available to you. In some cases, it is harder to get the generic brand of Viagra because you have to go on the internet in order to find it. If you can find it on the internet, you will be well on your way to getting the type of drugs that you need in order to vastly improve your life. Make sure you take care of yourself with the help of this generic drug and you will be good to go at a lower price.

Is Pfizer the Miser or is Pfizer the Wiser?

In that tongue twisting title, the writer asks the reader to think for a moment about each side of an ongoing debate concerning Pfizer and its #1 selling ED drug, Viagra (Sildenafil). Depending on which side you choose, either Pfizer is a megalith that cannot be stopped, or a company that uses its power and clout to make the lives of millions of humans around the world just a little better.


In an article for the CNN Money by John Simons, he states that Pfizer, the largest drug company in the world, has managed to stay competitive and high on earnings. According to the report, Fortune 500 named Pfizer a “35-billion dollar a year business”. Revenue that year actually increased to 48 billion. Viagra is a leading prescription drug for Pfizer, but certainly not the only one. Other names appear on their drug short list, such as Zoloft, Zyrtec, and Zithromax. Mr. Simon states that those and the other big hitters on the list are seeing double-digit sales increases. (CNNMoney, 2013)

Staying ahead of the pack

Pfizer, who has Levitra and other erectile dysfunction drugs chomping at the bit to crack the market wide open, has developed a new strategy. In addition to the competition from other ED drug makers, Pfizer faces rigorous battles with online pharmacies and the like. To counteract that pendulum swing, Pfizer announced in May that it would begin selling its flagship Viagra via its own website. They may have hit gold again, because one the story leaked, it was one of the most viewed on the LA Times website (Whtfield, 2013) According to Mr. Whitfield, Pfizer further stated that only 3% of the online pharmacies were legitimate, and that deplorable conditions existed in most and the inactive ingredients ranged from printer ink to wall board.

The good news in all of this

Laura Petrecca of USA Today reported that in May of 2009, Pfizer offered to cover the cost of up to 70 of its most popular medications to those who were unemployed and could not afford their meds. (Petrecca, 2009) If you recall, 2009 was a time when the nation suffered severe monetary uncertainty and unemployment was close to all new highs. Although Pfizer is a billion dollar heavy hitter, it is because of that status that Pfizer was able to help when times got bad for its customers.