There are several things that may add to male erecticle dysfunction (ED) from physiologic causes, such as some other medical disorder, to potential side effects of drugs that you are using. Even moody or individual causes may play a role. Because of these causes, erectile dysfunction may not simply disappear on its own. However for a bulk of men, erectile dysfunction may be treated, whether the ground is physiologic or mental.

A few potential physiologic factors that may cause erectile dysfunction include:
• Hypertension. Hypertension may harm blood vessels in the organism, including those in the penis as well.
• Diabetes. Diabetes may increase the hazards of experiencing erectile dysfunction. High blood glucose may harm blood vessels and nerves in the penis.
• High blood cholesterol. This disorder may harm blood vessels in the organism, including those in the penis. If this takes place, then not enough blood runs into the penis for a steady erection.
• Nerve diseases. Diseases that impact the nerves, like Parkinson’s syndrome and disseminated sclerosis, may contribute to the risks of experiencing erectile dysfunction. The penis may not get nerve messages from the brain or medulla spinalis. And without the nerve messages, blood may not run into the penis.
• Surgical operation or trauma (particularly prostate gland, vesica, or rectal operation). Surgical operation or traumas to the pelvic area may harm nerves or blood vessels directing to the penis.
• Reduced hormone degrees. Insufficient levels of man hormone (testosterone) can strike a gentleman’s power to achieve an erection. Erectile dysfunction may as well take place as a male thyroid hormone degree is too high or too low.
• Life-style components. Smoking, being fat, drinking overmuch alcoholic beverage, not being physically involved, or taking recreational medications may be the ground to erectile dysfunction. More factors and circumstances can as well increase erectile dysfunction. Male erecticle dysfunction may be a side effect of a few of drugs, including those that deal with hypertension and drugs that deal with allergic reactions). Whenever you use one of these drugs and believe it can be doing ED, do not finish using it prior to talking to your physician.

To a lesser extent, erectile dysfunction can be stimulated by emotional or individual causes, from current stress or human relationship troubles to depressive disorder or anxiousness about sexual activity.